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3 Powerful Email Marketing Tips

3 Powerful Email Marketing TipsLet us now talk about email marketing. Who among you succeed using this method? Are you the person who failed to use it or the one who use it but failed? If you failed to use it, this is the time you should give it a try and if you failed in doing this, you need to read these email marketing tips and applied afterwards.

Email marketing like any other internet marketing tool is important and can bring you revenue. The only difference of the people who failed and the people who succeed using this tool is the way they use it. Your success depends on the way you use it and the tone of your approach. To know how your market feels toward your email is to put your feet on their shoes. You must have received lot of emails. You are expecting some of them and some of them are not. You are happy to receive some of the mails but some annoys you and there are others you deleted without reading. If you put yourself into your prospects situation, would you be happy to receive the mail you are about to send? If the answer is yes, then start sending it out. If otherwise you hesitate then think of the different kind of approach you think will be advisable for you and for your prospects.

If you are struggling to think of the right approach, this email marketing tips might help you.

Email Marketing Tips #1 – Have a Story

Stories always acceptable, especially if the story you are going to tell is the same story they have. If you are selling weight loss products, you should send emails to the people who need it not to skinny people who are struggling to gain weight. You should tell your story or the story of someone you know who is struggling to lose weight for years then your prospect will get interested to read and to know what happen to the person.

Email Marketing Tips #2 – Talk About the Problem

Your story should describe the problem. The agony, pain and depression the person suffered from being fat. State how it affects the person’s physical, emotional, spiritual and social life. You should bring out the problem. The problem shouldn’t be something that can be ignored. It should be something to be acted upon.

For example, the person can ignore all the insults but not the fact that she cannot bear a child with her weight condition and she decided on act on her problem and find a solution.

Email Marketing Tips #3 – Offer the Solution

This is the most important part but this is the most sensitive part as well. Do not sound like a commercial. Leave a mystery so that people will crave for more information and to dig more. Let your prospect want it without naming it yet. You can include the before and after picture of the person, a video or a testimonial on what happen after she find the solution then end it with something like “if you want to know how she successfully overcome her problem, enter here.”

If you want more email marketing tips or any cutting-edge online network marketing strategies and skills, you will find on this blog lot of article and valuable content which I strongly encourage you to read and use to build your own business.

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