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Mindset Training Lesson

Mindset Training LessonMindset Training is one of the keys to succeed in life. Your mindset will dictate your behavior. It will make you or break you. Change your life with the way you think and the way you speak. If you think you failed in many things in your life, look back and think what have you done, say and think that makes you a failure. Think what did you say when you quit. Did you say that you “can’t continue anymore” or “I have nothing left”.

Mental Hack and Mindset Training

Mental hack is a part of mindset training that will be discussed today. It is an exercise that makes flip or switch your mindset into something that will make you act positively. If you have thought that you have nothing left before that makes you quit what you have been doing then whenever you think of this words and before you say it, you should flip it into something more positive like “I have more in me” instead of “I have nothing left”.

Words are not just simple words. It is very powerful because what you have said will affect you physically.

I have nothing left.

Saying these words is admitting that you have nothing more to give and that you surrendering already and ready to quit. By uttering those words, you are convincing yourself that you have done enough and that you give your all already and you will never do anything more anymore. Hence, after saying these words, you will stop and preparing yourself to quit, thinking that more actions will be fruitless. People who quit never wins remember that.

I have more in me.

Saying these words is a declaration that you will pursue and you will continue to fight because you believe that there is more in you. There is a lot more that you can give. If you haven’t figured out what else to do to get the outcome you desire, you should identify what are your previous behavior that make you unsuccessful and try to do otherwise.

Mental hack is changing your habit and behavior on how you see things and how you act to a given circumstances. Practice the flipping and you will be able to change your life into something more desirable.

Mental hack is only one of the mindset training that you can practice every day. Once, you master this training you can practice the next one. Our mind shouldn’t be pressured and we should not feed it with a lot of information. Feed it with enough information it can process for the day.

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  1. Shelli Gaytan says:

    I have more in me. I should always remember it. thanks for this .