MLM Companies – What to Choose Between Product and Service

What are you looking for MLM Companies?

What are you looking for MLM Companies?There is a debate going on about which is better among MLM Companies. Is it the one who offers product? Or is it the one who promotes service? This topic might be absurd or non-sense to some but it is important to address the issue for two reasons.

One is that the more network marketers fight which among them is the best, the more it ruins the credibility of network marketing. One company shouldn’t say that the other one is fake (unless it is) just to promote their home based business.

The other one is many of the prospects and network marketer aspirants get confused and misguided by wrong information given into them.

Which Are Best MLM Companies?

This article will clear everything for you about MLM Companies.  The truth is that both product and service is better, no one is above the other. What matters is what works with you best. Which of the two inspires you and gives you confident? This question should be your basis in choosing the best MLM Company. The best one is what makes your comfortable with so it is all depends on you.

I was the victim of this debate 5 years ago before I decided to build my home based business. When I heard a service MLM companies talk about product companies, they make it look like you are a poor beggar when you joined them. You will have products with you and you are selling it to anyone and it is not a good sight so when I heard this I agree. I don’t want to beg for sales.

Then I heard the product MLM companies claiming they have earned more than service companies did. They even have checks to prove it and I saw it with my eyes. I really got confused during that time. But I don’t wish to confuse you; I want to make it clear that both works but it all depends on you.

Product MLM Companies

Most of the MLM Companies are promoting products. These products usually are weight loss, vitamins or skin care products. If you choose to join this kind of MLM business, you have to make sure first that you can use their products and you need it. For example, you are fat and their product is a weight loss pill and when you buy this product you see an enormous change. You see the result by yourself. You lost weight and then you joined their team and start recruiting people. Your MLM business career is a guaranteed success. Why? Because you are the living testimony of the product and they will not look for any proof. Many people want to lose weight and you are giving them the solution plus the opportunity to earn. It is a win-win situation for you and your recruits. So again, if you planning to join product MLM companies, see to it that you trust the product itself.

Service MLM Companies

The principle you used in product companies are the principle we are going to use for service MLM companies. Likewise, you have to choose a company with a service you believe into, the service that has helped you the first time. The person that really matter here is you. You will convince people, you will guarantee them success. How will you do it if you didn’t try the service yourself? How do you convince them if you are not successful yourself?

The argument here is not if the product or the service MLM companies is the best but which of them helped you? Which of them do you think will help people?

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  1. Tania Kramer says:

    Great blog! Choose something that will help you.

  2. Norris Whaley says:

    Either of the MLM Companies is fine. I believe that it is up to you on how you are going to manage your business.

  3. Lena Jephcott says:

    I will not choose between product and services. You go to MLM companies where you believe the most and you think will bring you success and will help other people too.

  4. johny says:

    I choose MLM companies who offer products. It is more tangible and effective.