MLM Prospecting and Referrals

Why Do You Need to Ask Referrals in MLM Prospecting?

MLM Prospecting and ReferralsIs there a need to ask for a referral on MLM Prospecting? Whether your prospect tells you yes or no, you better ask for a referral. But there is always exception to the rule. If your prospect becomes nasty and unpleasant to talk to, you don’t have business with that person and for sure you will never get something valuable out of that individual so turn your back and walk away.

In MLM prospecting, most of the time, you’ll get “no”, no matter how great you are. That’s a fact. If the person is not the right one for your business maybe that individual will lead you to the right one so you better ask for referrals. Also, referrals will help you not to get lost. You can go from one person to another and you will never run out of person to talk to. You can also use the name of the person who referred them for them to open their ears to you. With this, you don’t need to come as somebody who is a totally stranger.

If the person says yes, you still need to ask for a referral. This person might give you people who have the same values and beliefs and they will probably say yes too, especially if they learn that their friend is already in the business.

How your MLM prospecting will turn out right when you ask for a referral?

Sometimes, the person who already says no will have second thought if you ask for a referral, especially if you ask it the right way. The right way to ask is something like “do you know people who are willing to earn extra money if we will guide them step by step on how to do it?”. This person might think again because, all of us wants to earn extra money and with a guidance, who wouldn’t want it? This person might not give you referrals but might join you as well.

You can also incorporate your product in your question if you think this is something that will spark the interest of the person. For example, you have a weight loss product and your prospect is the person you believe needs it but you should be careful not to sound insulting. Many people who gain a lot of weight becomes insecure and sensitive so you should approach someone you think is open and looking for your product. You can go to the gym, exercise and make friends, most people there are open, you can start talking about your product or you can directly ask them for a referral “do you know people who wants to lose weight while earning?”. They will think, “hey, it’s me!”. So you got them.

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