MLM Prospecting on Setting an Appointment

Appointment Setting is an Effective MLM Prospecting

Appointment Setting is an Effective MLM ProspectingThe biggest challenge to all network marketers is how to set up an appointment which is the best way to get more reps in your company. It is a must that you master this technique of MLM prospecting.

Have you ever been declined when you ask for an appointment or meeting? Well, everyone in the industry has the same experience it is not the reason for you to give up but it is an inspiration for you to work harder and to find ways on how to make people come.

In MLM prospecting it is essential that people can be able to listen to you. It is a must that they should hear what you will about to say so for you able to do that and to save more time, you must set an appointment.

How to Make an Invitation in MLM Prospecting?

When you are inviting people either over the phone or personally to attend your meeting or an appointment, there are two things that you should do and they are to be busy and not to tell them what it is.

When I say be busy, it doesn’t mean that you will not find time to do MLM prospecting but you should give an impression to your prospect that you are a busy person and you just take a little time to send a message or to give him a call or to talk to him for a few minutes. You should set an ambiance whereas the person you wanted to invite feels a sense of urgency to catch up on you. For example, call this person and tell him that you are on your way to your meeting and you remember him and you feel bad that you weren’t able to invite him on that meeting but you will have another meeting on the next day and you just want to tell him that so that he could come. You should sound like you are informing him and that you will have to go. The person will get curious and will definitely ask you what it is.

When you’ve been asked what it is, you shouldn’t explain. Most of the time, they will not say yes at once but they ask question about the event. Two ways to answer them indirectly is one, tell them that you are willing to answer their 100 questions on the meeting but not now because you are in a hurry so ask them to be present so you can answer them. Two, ask them, “if I could explain it over the phone, would I even invite you for the meeting? And if he answers no, then tell him to be present so that you can explain what it is.

Hope you get the value out of it! Happy prospecting!

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