MLM Prospecting on Students

Is It Worthy to Do MLM Prospecting on Students?

Is It Worthy to Do MLM Prospecting on Students?Why not? As long as these students are already young adults you are free to do MLM prospecting with them and as long as they have dreams and they can already decide for themselves.

We are not talking about a grade school student here but who you should prospect are the college students, ages 18 to 25 years old. Most likely these students are open minded and are willing to listen and to receive the opportunity.

Is it worthy to do MLM prospecting on students? Absolutely yes!

Why Target Student in MLM Prospecting?

Students are open-minded. They don’t experience any ups and down financially and they are starting to explore adulthood and as an adult, they will start to think of how to earn income on their own and whatever opportunity you will present them will be gladly taken.

Students have big dreams. When you are young, your parents planted dreams in your heart and when you go to school your teacher nurtures your dream until it becomes bigger. You are trained to picture yourself 5 years ahead so students have big dreams and don’t experience failure yet. MLM business will help them realize their dreams and this opportunity will excite them. Most of the adults in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s already give up their dreams and settled on what they have right now so they are likely to resist unlike the college students.

Students have big goals. Since students haven’t experience any failures in their life, they are not afraid to set big goals and they go for it enthusiastically.

Students and Money Problem

Most network marketers didn’t approach college students because they believe that they don’t have money to invest. However, old people have the same excuse when you approach them. They will object and they will tell you that they don’t have money. Money is not really the problem why people didn’t join network marketing. You need to determine where the true objection is coming from. Lack of money is the only excuse people think when they are not convince about your opportunity.  If they are convince that what you are offering them will give them the chance of a lifetime to be wealthy and to get out of the rat race, they will do anything they can to raise the money needed to get started. Even if they are just a student, if they see the opportunity they will find the money. Students can ask their parents for an iPhone and their parents willingly give it to them. What more if the students ask for money to invest in a business, would their parents resist them?

It is not only the old people who needs an option to live a meaningful life but as well as young adults who will about to start their life on their own.

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