MLM Recruiting Productivity with Three Way Calls

MLM Recruiting : Qualify and Edify

MLM Recruiting : Qualify and EdifyI won’t start asking if you are struggling with your MLM recruiting results. I will just ask you if you want more. So, do you want more positive results in MLM recruiting? There is no reason why you shouldn’t admit that you want more. It is a human nature to crave for more once you achieve the first level of success. There is also no harm in developing your style to be better than your usual way. If there is more chance to be better and to bring out your very best, why not?

Learn how to be productive with three way calls and gain more quality reps faster. There are two elements of three-way calling that you must learn to produce more in MLM recruiting and these are to qualify and to edify.

MLM Recruiting Qualifying Technique

Not everyone who approaches you deserves or need a three way call. Qualifying should be done. When someone approaches you and wants to talk to your most successful partner (which is your upline), you shouldn’t call your upline straight away to rescue you and save you for the day. You must qualify first the person. Ask questions before you get them into the phone. Make sure that this person is worthy to talk with your upline. This individual should earn the right and shouldn’t act like a boss in front of you. When you are qualifying your prospects, it will give you an impression that you are a respectable person that didn’t easily get swayed or get panicked. You are positioning yourself that the person should get through you first before getting into your partner. When you do this, you are not only making an impression but you are also saving you and your upline’s time talking to undeserving people.

MLM Recruiting Edifying Technique

Many MLM marketers do it wrong. When they get into the phone, they are edifying the prospect to their upline instead of edifying their upline to their prospect. For example, you go to the phone and dial your upline’s number and start telling your upline how qualified your prospect is and enumerating one by one what you have learn. This will put your prospect in the position of being the most wanted person in the room. You should do the exact opposite, you tell your prospect that your upline is a very busy person and holding a lot of meetings and you will see what you can do. You will try to call your upline and tell your prospect how lucky he can get because your upline is free for a couple of minutes to talk to him so he better take the most of it. It will give your upline an impression of most wanted person and that the person who wants to talk to him shouldn’t waste his time. However, there must be some agreement between you and your upline on what to do in this situation. You should inform your upline right away about what happening through texting so your prospect wouldn’t hear your conversation so if your upline is busy, you can get someone else to temporarily act in his position.

Just remember these two elements in three way calling and you will be sure that your MLM recruiting will be more productive than ever.

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    This is great. MLM Recruiting.. As you said remember how to qualify and edify.