MLM Recruiting Strategy that Works

MLM Recruiting Strategy that Works

Efficient MLM Recruiting Strategy

MLM Recruiting Strategy that WorksThe best MLM Recruiting Strategy is to be intelligent more than being diligent. Why am I saying this? It is because I see a lot of people who are super diligent who works day and night and didn’t succeed. Sometimes, when things are not working, you need to stop and think what went wrong and revise your strategy. Other people in the business think that when there is nothing happening in what they are doing, it means they need to work harder. Working hard is great but you did not only need to work harder but you also need to think harder. Exercise your mind, be creative and resourceful. Find the things that work.

MLM Recruiting Strategy – Get them raise their hands

If you are planning to recruit more people using social media, you need to raise curiosity over people. Plastering your company name and your logo everywhere is a BIG NO! It is because it will take away the excitement of the people and these will only turn them off. Don’t do what other network marketers do. Be different. Post something that they will be interested without giving away the whole package. Select people by the way you post something as “status”. Let them chase you instead of you chasing them. It is easy to recruit people chasing you than the one you are chasing. How to do it? Like I’ve said above “think harder”.

Diligent people (this is not something against people who work hard but this is for people who didn’t think hard enough) will go and talk to everyone and try to recruit everyone. These people will post status everyday, 5 times a day to get notice. However, Content is a King but Context is God. It doesn’t matter how many times you post in a day but what message are you giving and where are you leading people is what truly matters.

Post something like “I wish to share with you what I’ve learned that totally create a great impact in my life and which make me who I am today. I will teach it to people who wants to achieve the same achievement and more. If you want to learn what I’ve learned, private message me.” This post will lead to more engagement and attract more people than the lousy post such as “Learn how to be a great network marketer! Click here (your link).”

People who respond to your post are people who are most likely the one you want to invite to be part of your team. Your status makes them chase you.

MLM Recruiting Strategy – Disqualify

Now those private messages start flooding your inbox, the next step is to disqualify. Do not waste your time talking to people who are lazy. Ask questions about their readiness and determination before you go and give your company information and recruit them. This is the MLM recruiting strategy that really works.

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