Network Marketer as a Powerful and Better Person

How to Become Better Network Marketers

How to Become Better Network MarketerA better network marketer doesn’t only mean being good in making sales or getting more recruits. A better network marketer is also a better a person. Aim to be better each day, not only in work but with making relationship as well. You don’t have to be too serious in your business. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t be serious , you should. But you do not have to work all day and all night and worrying about too many things. The tendency is you will get burned out and will feel so negative about everything and you wouldn’t be productive in the way you wanted. You should take time to rest, give more, love more and laugh more even if you are too busy. When go back to work you will feel so blessed and you can be able to work lightly and productively.

How to be a better person? Here are 3 tips on how to do it.

3 Tips on How to be a Better Network Marketer

Better Network Marketer Tip #1 – Invest in Yourself and Get Better in What You Do

Be a better person by being better at your field. Invest in going out and having a social life because in network marketing social life is very important. You have to meet a lot of people to have a better chance of having more recruits. But do not go out for the sake of recruiting. Go out for the sake of having fun and networking. Learn to be a better conversationalist. Talk to as many people as you can. Attend events and seminars and be knowledgeable. Learn how to inspire people on what you are learning each day. Read books on your spare time. You can read self-help book in the morning while having your coffee. Make it a hobby not a duty so that you will feel better and rested than exhausted. Don’t push yourself. Don’t read the whole book, read a passage and act on it.

Better Network Marketer Tip #2 – Don’t Be Defensive

When people approach you and teach you of better ways, do not get offended and don’t get too defensive by saying you know it already or you know better than the person who is talking to you. Even if it is true, learn to appreciate the gesture. Smile and thank the person. If you know what he is talking about, agree and add more. The person will be surprised that you know a lot of things and will definitely listen to you because you listen first. However, if you don’t know what the person is talking about, listen and you might find value into it.

Better Network Marketer Tip #3 – Show Appreciation

Think of the people you want to thank for. Let them know that they are appreciated. You will feel blessed and lucky to have these people around you if you think about it. The people you thank for will feel better too and would love to assist you more.

If you are a better person, better people will hook on you!

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