Network Marketing – Knowing “Who” is better than Knowing “Why”

Why Knowing “Who” is better than Knowing “Why” in Network Marketing

Network Marketing – Knowing “Who” is better than Knowing “Why”In network marketing, we have been taught to know your “why”. “Why” refers to the reason why you are doing the business. Why do you want to be a part of the industry and why do you want to succeed. Some common examples of network marketers why are they want to be get out of their 9-5 job, they want to spend more time with their love ones, they want to have more vacation, they want to have more time with themselves and they want to give the best for their children.

Knowing your why is important to create success however, it is not enough to know your why to succeed. It is rather important to know your “who” which is who do you want to become. Are you someone who wants to be financially free? There might have a little difference but they have huge difference in impact.  Knowing your “who” will give you a lot of “whys” and a better chance to succeed.

Who do you want to become in Network Marketing?

Do you want to be the top leader in the industry? Knowing who you want to become will give you an infinite drive. It will give you a great push to be the best because you are doing this for yourself. You want to be someone who has time for your children, you want to be the best parent who can provide, support and give love to your offspring.

Do you want to be someone who can help a lot of people in network marketing? Knowing your who will give you endless whys and reasons to keep on pursuing to become that person such as you want it because you want to have a great impact to other people’s life, you want to have a meaningful life or you want your love ones to be proud of you.

Whereas, when you only know your why like, you want to succeed in this industry because you want to have more money and buy a car. Once you accomplished that why, do you know what to do next? You will be lost again and it is time for you to formulate your next why.

It is important in this business to envision yourself in the future. Who do you want to see yourself? Have a clear vision and have a clear path towards it, follow it and succeed.

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