Network Marketing Recruiting Rules

Network Marketing Recruiting

Network Marketing Recruiting RulesNetwork marketing recruiting is the art of bringing selective and high quality people to join your team and start the business with you. It is the process of introducing the opportunity to people who needs help financially and want to change their lifestyles. The more you recruit people, the more people you helped and the more successful you get.

Rules in Network Marketing Recruiting

Network Marketing Recruiting Rule#1. Avoid being skeptical or cynical. It will lose your chance to get your leads. Do not think about negative stuff around you. If you are recruiting a professional, just be yourself. They are already a professional that is why they know how to run a business. Make them feel that even if you are not yet a professional, you deserve to have them as your recruit.

Network Marketing Recruiting Rule#2. If you are recruiting, never use your entitlement. Your recruits will feel that they are too small that they would prefer not to sign up. They will think that in order to be in your team, they need to bend their knees and praise you, which is bad idea.

Network Marketing Recruiting Rule#3. It is important to learn the tonality. Tonality in network marketing is the way you speak to attract your recruits. It is a way to end your speech or message in sentence not as a question. For example, “It looks like you’re ready to join.” With this sentence, you are in a positive way and you know what you are doing. Another one is, “It looks like you are ready to join?” Can you see the difference? When you end it up as a question, it sounds like you have doubt about yourself and can’t make your recruit to sign up. That is the importance of tonality.

Network Marketing Recruiting Rule#4. Inspire your team rather than managing them. Managing a team will not be as productive as you wish to happen. It is like when you are eating. You need to have an appetizer first for you to enjoy eating. Your team’s appetizer is to inspire them to work with all of their heart and they will be the most productive team you could have.

Network Marketing Recruiting Rule#5. Do not go out and force yourself to recruit or prospect. If you want to go out and do prospecting, why not? However, I suggest that you do it naturally and whenever you find an opportunity when you are already outside.

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