Network Marketing Success Rule #1 – Stop Blaming

Network Marketing Success – Stop Blaming and Complaining

Network Marketing Success – Stop Blaming and ComplainingThere are a lot of things to be done as a network marketer and there are a lot of things not to be done  as well to guarantee network marketing success. We have provided you with all the information and technique to reach network marketing success in this blog but if you aren’t succeeding yet maybe it is time to check the things you should not be doing and one of these is to break the habit of blaming.

Avoid Blaming to Reach Network Marketing Success

“A bad workman blames his tools”

If you keep on blaming people why you are not succeeding then you are on your way to failure. A good example is a bad workman who is always blaming his tools.

A bad workman sees that he has a dull axe but continues cutting the woods anyway. Later on he find it hard to cut the woods and it took him all day and hundred strikes before he cuts one. Exhausted and produces little, this workman feels unhappy and unsatisfied because he knows that he hasn’t completed the task successfully. At the end of the day he realized that the effort he spent is not enough with the number of woods he produces. He will get disheartened and he will utter words such as “if only I have a sharp axe I can cut more woods and I can be able to sell it before the sun goes down and can rest with a full belly”.

On the other hand, a successful workman sees that the blade is dull, thus he spend a few minutes to sharpen it first then when he is sure that his blade is well-sharpened, he start cutting the woods. It only took him a few hours to cut all the woods and it got sold out before the sun goes down so he goes home happy with food for his family.

Take this example with you and be a better workman or a network marketer. A successful network marketer sharpened his tools like spending time to develop himself before start recruiting people. When you are sure that you have the right skill and knowledge to recruit people, you can easily recruited possible prospects in a daily basis.

Blaming is a negative word. You can always find fault at other people but you can’t do something about it. You can’t change them, you can’t change the environment, you can’t change anything else but you can change yourself, you can change the way you think and the way you handle things and by doing that, you are being in control and you will start producing different results. If your upline is no help to you then step up for yourself. Help yourself, do things on your own and stop blaming.

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