Network Marketing Tips on Running a Contest

Network Marketing Tips – Run a Contest on Holiday

Network Marketing Tips – Run a Contest on HolidayThis is a continuation of our previous blog and since it is Thanksgiving Day, our topic will be related to that. Before we go on any further, let me greet all of you!


All of this success wouldn’t be accomplished without the help of all the people who have given me valuable advice, love and concerns. Thanks for all the readers who subscribed and looking for something new in my blog. You are all the reasons why I kept on writing every day. You are all my inspiration and I never want to fail you.

One of our network marketing tips is to run a contest this holiday. The reason we’ve mentioned in our previous blog is that people use this season to lay back and to stop working thus they forget all about the business and find it hard to pick up when the season is over.

Running a contest is perfect for the season because people is in the festive spirit, they love to receive gifts and rewards , and they are also in the mood to play games so most likely many will about to participate. So, how to run a contest this season? Here are my top 3 network marketing tips for you on how to run a contest.

3 Network Marketing Tips to Run a Contest

Network Marketing Tips #1 – Qualify people to be in the contest.

It is good that anyone can participate in the contest but you need to qualify them with a purpose. The norm that you’re going to use in qualifying them is something that will be useful for you and for them in the future. Let us say, only people who have ticket to the next event can participate in the said contest. With this, your team members will get a ticket to the next event to get qualified. You do this because you know that people who create success in the business attend events, so you are doing this for them.

Network Marketing Tips #2 – Think other contest other than “Top Recruiter” contest.

Sure, you can still have that because top recruiters should be recognize but you need to have more contest apart from it so the other members of your group can participate. There are still many people who don’t believe that they can be a top recruiter so they will not participate. Create a contest that everyone will desire.

Network Marketing Tips #3 – Use recognition as a reward.

In running a contest, especially a new one which is under the testing phase, you don’t need to spend a lot of money for the reward. More network marketers love to be recognized for all their efforts and want to be known on what they do so give it to them. Think what kind of recognition you can give them that they will be delighted to!

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