New Network Marketers #1 Problem

What is the No. 1 Problem of New Network Marketers?

What is the No. 1 Problem of New Network Marketers?New Network Marketers has a lot of obstacles to go through in the business. They have to develop their mindset into positive and into something that will benefit them. They need to attend seminars, read books and watch videos to be skilled and they need to do something to empower themselves. After the basics, they will start practicing what they’ve learned and start talking to people. Everything is a challenge and hard work from the beginning but when they are open to challenges and work enthusiastically everything will come easy.

New Network Marketers are expected to do a lot of things from the start but they only need to do one step at a time until they absorb it and until they are ready to make another step. When they get the hang of the business, they will realize that it is a lot of fun and it all worth it.

New Network Marketers #1 Problem is……..

…trying to get the acceptance and the approval of other people

This will lead to failure. This is the first problem of newbies and they cannot move forward unless this issue has been resolved.

People who join network marketing company is very positive and they love everything about the business, they love the products, the love the residual income and they love the opportunity. However, when they start asking questions to people they knew if they think that what he gets himself into is acceptable for them, problem start to arise. Most of the people do not agree of something risky or something they don’t know. New Network Marketers will start doubting and every obstacle they encounter will be treated as a sign that it won’t work.

If you got rejected, you shouldn’t take it personally. It is not about you. It is about the people you’ve talk to. Maybe these people are not ready yet. Even great people in the industry got rejected too. There’s no big deal because that is business. Not everyone will buy.

Eliminate acceptance and approval. Your belief doesn’t require any approval. It is your life, it is your choice and you’re going to make it happen. No one can dictate you. No opinion matters except your own opinion.

When someone doesn’t approve it doesn’t mean that what you are getting into is a bad thing. It is just that they didn’t know it and not sure what to answer.

For new network marketers, if you are already decided don’t let anyone sway you and make you turn back. Push through and let them see what will happen.

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