Organo Gold Review – Is It A Business Opportunity Which Fits You?

Organo Gold Review for Business Opportunity Seekers

Organo Gold Review – Is It A Business Opportunity Which Fits You? Organo Gold has been operating in Canada and United States for quite some time now and this coffee business continues to grow exponentially each day. We have heard good stories and there are also sad stories about this business. Well mostly of the sad stories came from people who didn’t make money in the business. Is Organo Gold a scam or a real good business opportunity? Let face it, most of the time, people will have an agenda for themselves when writing a review about a company. First option, they are in the business and want to recruit people, and will paint their review really nicely. Second option, they are in another business and will focus on the negative or turn the facts into misleading information to finally promote their own business. Third option, People had been involved, failed to get results, are frustrated, don’t take responsibility for their business and lack of results, and they write a sad review claiming this is a scam simply because they were not able to make it! To make everything clear and to help you decide if this business is good for you, I made a thorough research and wrote this Organo Gold Review for you using also my 5 years of experience in network marketing. Always keep in mind that independently of the company you are looking for, in the term Network Marketing, there is the word WORK, and this is a stepping stone to build a successful business.

Organo Gold Review – The History

The company was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua with the idea of spreading Ganoderma (“the king of herbs”) awareness all over the world while partnering with thousand different people using the Network Marketing Distributing system. Organo Gold began in 2008 in Richmond, B.C., Canada, in a small shop with only three employees. In just two short years, it became one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world. As of May 2014, Organo Gold is open for business in over 35 countries on 6 continents and continuously expanding. This process makes the products affordable for the buyers. In April 2014, the company was recognized as the 55th largest network marketing company by top industry trade publication Direct Selling News for its 26 percent sales increase over the past 12 months. 2013 revenues for this 6 years old company are still way below those obtained by top ranking companies which on their side exist for decades.

Organo Gold Review – The Products

Organo Gold main product is coffee but they also have green tea, hot chocolate, supplements and other personal care, each of them blended with Chinese mushroom called Ganoderma Ludinum. So, if you are not into drinking coffee there are other products that you can choose from. And even about not drinking coffee, that is not a big deal!!!! For your information Holton Bugg, Organo Gold distributor, and highest paid network marketer in the world (with more than 14 millions / year), was not a coffee drinker when he was introducted to Organo Gold, as he like to confes publically. What is the purpose to use Ganoderma Ludinum? These products were which they claim has healthy benefits like cholesterol control and what is good about it is that it has no side effects so you can enjoy your drink anytime you wanted and feel better afterwards. Feel free to make your own research about Ganoderma Ludinum on the internet to learn about it from independant sources.

Organo Gold Review – The Compensation Plan

Organo Gold model combines what are recognized as the 2 most powerful pay structures known in the direct sales industry: a Dual Team structure rewarding sales volumes on infinite levels and an Unilevel Plan to include payments of bonuses for nurturing team structure and leadership. That way, the vision of the company is to create for distributors both large immediate earnings as well as significant long-term residuals. Organo Gold has 3 business entry level at very reasonable costs for people interested. As such, it makes this company a really affordable business model with good earning potential for business builders. There are 7 ways that you can get paid in Organo Gold, some being calculated and paid daily, weekly, monthly or quaterly. The first way to get paid is through retail of the product and does not require any qualification to start earning. For the other ways to get paid, you have to qualify once through signing up personally 2 people. Then, you simply need to maintain your qualification through monthly personal order of 8 boxes of coffee which corresponds to a moderate consumption of coffee at home plus retailing of a few boxes and sharing of free samples during the month.

Organo Gold Review – Marketing

Coffee as one of the most popular beverage second to water is pretty easy to market. You only need to pre-qualify people first before you invite them to taste the product or attend a public presentation. In every country, the same strategy to get success is through organizing little tasting parties and giving out samples then making a follow up call. The model is pretty simple, easy to understand and to share. Now, having reviewed and described what Organo Gold as a company is about, let’s be real about YOU as a business owner and business builder. This business like any traditional business needs to be taken seriously in order for you to be successful. This is not a get-rich-quickly system. It requires efficient strategies, a business plan and daily actions to make it work. You need to develop your network and you need to get targeted leads almost every day. Just like other MLM business, Organo Gold does not give any guarantee of success. It requires you to work, to be committed, to have a passion and to stay focus to earn a substantial amount of money.  All public presentation you could attend will be really transparent on that aspect. The leadership with trainings, team support and value is pretty impressive. Collaboration between members is strong. People are certainly not in the mode “fake it until you make it” which is remarkable as well. After having seen quite a good number of models over my 5 years in MLM, Organo Gold appears to be a really interesting opportunity for people for different reasons: –       Product in high demand and consumed every single day by most people in the world –       Low business entry cost –       Efficient compensation plan for ordinary people to get results and earn money –       Leadership, values, team support, transparency, community –       Potential for ordinary people to build a significant income stream over time After all what you just red, tell me in the comment box if this business model fit you or shoot me an e-mail at lelia.rayna@gmail.com. In this review, I was no here to push you in that company. Actually, this is never a good business move to convince a person that it is good for her if this person is not self-convinced. My purpose was to inform you about real facts and information about the model to help YOU in your due diligence. If this review helped you to know that this is not a fit for you, that is perfect and I am glad I helped you in that way. If on the other side you find interested to go deeper in your own due diligence, I will be glad to connect more personally with you !

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