Passive Residual Income Benefits Part 1

What is Passive Residual Income?

Passive Residual Income Benefits Part 1Passive Residual Income is the income you make when you are inactive. It is the income you make when you get in to your bed and get out of your bed. Most network marketers forget the concept of residual income because they already learned how to make money with their transactions. They forget the concept of network marketing which is passive residual income and the benefits it can bring them. This topic is split into two parts for you to have a better grasp of it. Today, you will learn how to talk to people (who are already making a lot of money) about passive residual income.

Passive Residual Income on High Paying Individuals

High paying executives are very unlikely to be entrepreneurs because they are already earning a lot of money with the job they know all their lives. You’ve been taught to recruit quality people or people who created success but recruiting them can be a real challenge but once you win them over, it will mark on your network marketing career history and they will for sure make you successful in the business. Now, how are you going to recruit them?

Lesson #1 – Never pitch them about money. Since this people are earning enough money or big money, pitching them about making more money doesn’t make any sense and they will dismiss you right away. The more you talk about money, the more they hear more time and effort and they don’t have time for more money because they feel that they don’t need it and that they are happy with what they are doing right now. How to pitch these high paying individuals?

Lesson #2 – Pitch them about the freedom they will get. Sure they are earning lots of money with their job but one thing is for sure, they are not enjoying the money they are earning because they are required to work every day. High paying individuals need to give excellent performances, the reason why they are telling you they don’t have time.

Lesson #3 – Pitch them about the passive residual income. People who are getting paid big time like executives, doctors, attorneys and even successful network marketers needed to be reminded to build their passive residual income because what if they didn’t work? Can they afford it? Can they pay the bills? The income they are gaining would increase, remain the same or decrease? It will definitely decrease so they have to work every day. Whereas, if they have passive residual income. They are getting money even if they are inactive in a moment.

You are earning right now but what about your lifestyle? Are you living the lifestyle you want and you dream about?

Lelia Raynal has been a successful network marketer since 2009. She built several different online Network Marketing business model. She mentors an international team of network marketers who chose to create their life on their terms using the power of network marketing! She helps other to build a strong passive residual income for life! Click HERE to get a quick overview of a model that will help you build a passive residual income that will make you achieve freedom.  Then you can reach her at lelia.raynal@gmail.com

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  1. Madelaine Fortune says:

    Hello! I simply want to give you a huge thumbs! This is such a great post and as a network marketer I am guilty of forgetting about the importance of residual income. Thanks for reminding me. I am back on track.