Sales Prospecting Approach that Works

One Sales Prospecting Approach that Works

One Sales Prospecting Approach that WorksSales prospecting approach can make you or break you. As they say, first impression lasts so better make a winning approach, something that will create a great impression with the person you are talking to. When you are approaching people you shouldn’t approach them in an odd way meaning they already see you looking at them and you are undecided whether to approach or not, you walk towards them and then you go back and then take a deep breath and decided finally to approach them. That is so weird and that is so cheap. Another thing is do not show too much enthusiasm more than necessary when you are holding a conversation because your prospect might thing that there is something wrong with you. Now, what is one sales prospecting approach that works for everyone?

One Sales Prospecting Approach that Works for Everyone

Whoever you are and whatever you do there is one thing that you can do to make your sales prospecting approach profitable and this to act and speak normal and genuine. Do not try to trick people just to get their attention to talk to you or should I say do not be too obvious. Do not make your prospects feel that you are toying them or you have an agenda in approaching them. This is a big turn off and this is something that will make them feel that you are someone they shouldn’t trust because you are scheming and more likely you are going to scam them.

One sales prospecting approach that works is being natural. Do not go on people hopping, after one person snubs you, you will try to talk to the person next to your prospect and tried to pitch. Hold your posture if you want to make a good approach. If you have prospecting in mind when approaching people, do not show it in your face and in your actions. Wait for the perfect timing where you can approach them naturally. We normally talk to different people we don’t know every day, whether it is the receptionist in the hotel, the manager or one of the guest you bump with. You don’t actually need to hunt people because they are everywhere and they are in your face. All you have to do is to determine if the person you are talking right now is qualified to be part of your team and if the answer is yes, you can lead your conversation to much deeper phase. You can pitch in a natural way, in a manner that you are telling them what you do, what brought you there after you hear their part, so it looks like you are just exchanging information but you are already pitching the opportunity with them without them noticing it. If they show interest, don’t get too excited. Invite them to an event or in any place where you can properly recruit them.

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