Social Media Recruiting – The Most Important Step

The Most Important Step in Social Media Recruiting

The Most Important Step in Social Media RecruitingSocial Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus are great tools in social media recruiting. If you look around you, you will see a lot of people who are busy tapping their phones, tablet and clicking their laptops. What these people are doing? They are busy checking all their social media accounts. If before people love watching TV, now they don’t have time for it. Billions of people now are into social media, so if you are looking for number of people to talk to and recruit then social media is the perfect place for you.

The Most Important Step in Social Media Recruiting is Qualifying

Sure, there are a lot of people to talk to but you do not want to waste your time talking to them one by one. You need to qualify them if they suit your business and if these people are the right one for your team. Here are the top 4 steps to qualify them.

4 Steps to Qualify your Prospects

Are they positive?

Social media recruiting is not just about talking to anyone you land your eyes with. You have to carefully pick them. Take a look at their profile and check if they are positive. You will see that in their timeline post and their profile pictures and cover photos. You certainly don’t want to work with negative people who just want to argue all the time.

Are they open?

After seeing that they are positive people, you will now start chatting with them and see if they are open with new opportunity. See if these people are seeking for something to make their life better. If they seem to be happy and contented, maybe this is not yet the right time to talk with them. Move on to the next person.

Are they busy?

If the person is positive and open, it is now time to check if they are busy. Busy people have good characteristics. They are the type of people who don’t waste time and gets the job done. They are also the type of people who have a lot of connections. These people are the one you should recruit.

Do I have something in common with them?

Ask yourself if you have something in common with the people you are recruiting. It is fun to work with people who have the same interest as yours. You will likely understand each other and would always want to hang out.

Social media recruiting is fun and you can minimize the amount of rejection if you qualify them first. It is also the best method for the first timers in network marketing because they don’t need to have credibility, huge budget and warm market to start with.

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