Successful Network Marketing

What is Successful Network Marketing?

What is Successful Network Marketing?Do you need more money? Do you often hear people say that aiming for more money is a sign of greediness because we don’t need more money to be happy? Do agree with this statement? In my opinion the people who say these words are hypocrite. They need money but because they can’t create more money that’s why they are just creating a non-sense excuse such as they are not greedy that’s why they don’t aim to have more money.

If you encounter people like this, ask them these questions. Does greediness means eating 3 times a day? Does greediness means having your own house and car? Does greediness means sending your kids to reputable school? Does greediness means able to pay the bills on time and having extra money for emergencies? If these are greediness what are the humble things to do? Does being humble mean begging for food? Does being humble mean you don’t have your own house and you are contented to rent a room because you are not greedy and pray that you can be able to pay the bills? You choose to commute your way to your job because you are humble and you don’t care if you can send your kids to school because you are not greedy?

People have this misconception about money that when someone taught them about financial matters, they shut them down because they thought that they are committing a sin once they entertain these people.

Successful network marketing is thinking that money is not an evil thing. It is just a tool to help you provide everything you need and to help other people to be financially independent. Successful network marketers think that when they are financially independent they have more to give than to beg. Network marketers who aim to succeed know that there is no honor in begging. Begging is a sign of laziness and people who give alms are tolerating these people and creating more poor people.

Successful network marketing is inspiring other people on what they can achieve and what they will experience if they push through and if they have decided to work smart.

Successful Network Marketing in Recruiting

Greediness is more on thinking about yourself while successful network marketing is thinking of other people. You are looking for more people to recruit, to join you and to teach the way to prosperity. You will help them create the success you are experiencing. The more people you help, the more you become successful in network marketing.

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