Network Marketing Business – Three Rules to Make Money (big money)

Three Rules to Make Money in Network Marketing Business (Big Money)

Network Marketing Business. Learn about the 3 Rules To Make Money

Network Marketing Business Rule #1:
Never EVER Fall For Generic Leads


This is the number 1 rule in network marketing business! Why is that so? Let me share my personal experience.

A few weeks ago, I was surfing the net, and decided to join a number of mailing lists.

I’m used to joining mailing lists, but for some reason, I never – in my wildest dreams – thought that the following things would happen:

A few days after my sign-ups, I received more than a dozen phone calls from marketers who do not know where they got my name or contact number. All they could say is that they knew that I wanted to start a network marketing business. I must’ve signed up for a page that says so!

The first few calls were sentimental, but when I received the 12th call, I wanted to shout and slam the phone down!

Each caller who contacted me considered me as a lead – and all shelled out the same amounts. Unfortunately, they do not have the slightest idea of what I wanted to do. Each and every one just wanted to persuade me to buy their products and join their business. This went on for like – forever!

From this annoying experience, I have realized one thing that can surely help those who want to make money, just like me:

Do not buy leads! This will actually make your life more difficult than it already is. By doing so, you are losing more opportunities because you end up making more competition. It actually turns the client off, because all the calls he receives are just from marketers who are interested in peddling stuff that he does not even want!

In a nutshell, what I am trying to say is: if you want to make money in network marketing business, do not fall for generic leads!

Next up we have…


Network Marketing Business Rule #2:
Generate Your Own Leads


Sorry if I like storytelling, but it seems to be the best method
to teach individuals Network Marketing Business - generate your own leadswho are into network marketing business.
Here is another story why you should get your own leads, instead of purchasing them:

Dedicated to make my business work, I worked hard to create my own lead. Five minutes after this – I got my first convert!

I was cooking when it happened, but when I checked my e-mail to see the time difference between the notifications and the sign-ups, I saw that the gap was just a mere 5 minutes.

Needless to say, my jaw was on the floor. I can’t help but blame myself! Why did I do this just now? I spent thousands of dollars purchasing leads – just to be turned down (sometimes screamed at) time and time again. Whereas when I tried to generate my own lead, I just spent $50 and the recruits themselves come a-knocking.

When this unveiled right in front of my eyes, I knew from then on that creating my own leads is one of the best ways to make money in network marketing business.

So why should you heed my advice? Here are some reasons why making your own lead is the bomb:

  • There is virtually no competition, because you are the only one who has access to the leads.
  • You do not have to suffer from the consequences of generic leads because the recruits know what they want,
    that is why they signed up for your list in the first place.
  • Interested participants can join on the spot! No need to call them and persuade them to join your cause.
  • As the lead creator, you have the power to modify or alter your interactions with the recruits.

So you can end up wasting your money over generic leads – or you can make yours. It is that simple.

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Network Marketing Business Rule< #3:
Never Falter in Network Marketing Business


When it comes to home-based business, Trust the leaders when they advise to think about the long haul. They always tell to sell the products and services whenever it can be, so people can earn the big bucks that can maintain network marketing business prosperity. Why? Because this is crucial for YOUR success!

In other words, it is important to make money in network marketing whenever you can!

After all, businesses stem from economic aspects, even if yours is just based at home.

Why is that so?

Network Marketing Business - Your own leads generation systemIn the process of building your company, you – most often than not – will feel the burn on your pocket. Since money seems to fly in the beginning, when you spend, make sure to take back some money to your company.

So why do most network marketing business owners fail? That is because they end up penniless right before the business gets its financial momentum. As a beginner, your goal should be to make money in order to earn your initial investments right away.


To summarise, the formula for network marketing business success is:

Make money quickly + Help your recruits to do the same
Successful Network Marketing Business!

While building a network marketing business online is tough, note that you can have a lucrative return of investment by following the aforementioned tips.

Happy network marketing business!






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  1. Larry Matthews says:

    This is a great help for network marketers. Continue providing this kind of post.

  2. Michelle Bian says:

    Rule no.1 left a big mark on me because it often happens in Network Marketing Business.