Herbalife – What’s Going on with Its Investigation?

Herbalife – Is a Pyramid Scheme or Not?

Is Herbalife a Pyramid Scheme or Not?There is currently a non-dying issue with the investigation of Herbalife. Many people want it to fall so they can take place. This is a very stupid thing to think about especially if you are into network marketing.

What is Herbalife?

Herbalife is a billion-dollar company and established its reputation for years and if this kind of company can fall down because of others claim, what more can happen to small companies as yours?

We all know there are a lot of uneducated people when it comes to network marketing and we should forgive them because they don’t know what they are saying. It is our obligation to tell them the truth about it and to explain what they don’t understand. However, for the people who are already in the industry and calling Herbalife a pyramid scheme they don’t really possess intelligence.

If you take time to study the corporate you will find out that they do not have any claims that their products can heal tumors or other type of diseases. They are not making those claims. Herbalife is a product that will help you live a healthy life if you choose to.

Corporate never made those claims but there is a tendency that some reps do so in order to get the attention of the customers. Not all reps, by far, are like that but there are some that adding something that is not true just to try to promote their own business with Herbalife. product.

Either or not there is a proof that the products can or cannot heal diseases; it is not still legal to say the words unless it was allowed by the authority. For all the health and wellness companies, they should learn from this issue about Herbalife and train accordingly their reps to tell only what is legal.

Herbalife is a health and wellness business whose aim is to help people to be healthy. Nobody is being forced to buy or to join the company. Joining and buying is the sole decision of the person. There are many people who had been successful with the company and there a lot of individuals who had help by this corporation.

However, just like any company there are people who joined the business that aren’t business minded and who are not taking their own responsibility as entrepreneurs for their successes and their failures. They joined the business without having an entrepreneur mindset and without being aware about what is required from them to get results and to become successful. They actually didn’t start their own business, they didn’t do anything to be productive and to take advantage of the business model to be profitable and when they suffer from their losses, they will blame the company. As a network marketer you always should be aware aboutthe stats: 97% of people in network marketing WILL NEVER make money what so ever and will in fact loose money, and sometime to a really significant level. This industry is the best possible to offer potential to the ordinary people to create a huge income stream and is according to me the most democraty of all kind of business. But as for any business, it requires hard work, drive, focus, commitment, perseverance and work ethic!

In herbalife issue, all started from the people who envy the company, from the people who want to take place of the top earners without making the efforts and from the lazy people who failed.

This article is not to defend Herbalife in anyway but to show the readers what’s going on. Why there is an investigation and why does it happen. I am not involved with Herbalife and don’t plan to be. If you are concern about your business and you are into network marketing then you shouldn’t support this kind of investigation because it is just a total ignorance and waste of time, and above all it is not helpful to your business.

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