Worst Mindset Trait of the Poor and the Broke

What is the Worst Mindset Trait of the Poor who remains Poor?

What is the Worst Mindset Trait of the Poor who remains Poor?I remember someone told me, “I’m not poor, I am just broke”. Do you know the difference between the two? The poor people are hopeless. These are the people who think that they are poor and there is nothing they can do about it. They accept their current situation and believe that being poor is noble because they are not greedy like the rich people. On the other hand, broke are the people who are suffering a financial crisis at this point in time but still willing to do everything to get out of the mess they are into. Believing that being rich is bad and you are proud to be poor is the worst mindset trait of a poor.

What is the Worst Mindset Trait of the Broke who remains Broke?

Though broke people are a little better than the poor because of their desire to get out of their current situation but if they remain broke there might be something or traits they have that get them stuck in their current situation. The worst mindset trait of the broke is non-respect of the energy of money.

Broke Worst Mindset Trait – Non-respect of the energy of money

A broke remains broke because they don’t respect the energy of money. One good example is when they attend an event with money back guaranteed, even if they learned a lot from the said event and they gain from it, they will still take advantage of the money back guaranteed and ask for a refund. If this is the broke mindset then all of his recruit will do the same on him. They will also ask for a refund in every opportunity they get. Another example is the broke person who cheats. There are people who are gate-crushing in an event even if they don’t have the ticket. They create fake tickets or any token to get into the event. If you don’t pay for the event to get into, how do you expect people or your recruits to pay for the event you attend to if they see you doing such thing? Finally, when the broke people hates it when the leader sell something after the event. If you don’t like to pay for anything that you get, you are not respecting the energy of money. You need to embrace the process. Leaders in network marketing offer some of their services and tools for free but there are other tools that you have to pay for. It doesn’t mean that you need to buy everything that has been offered to you. You have to select what you think you need the most. The point here is you need to accept that not all things are free. It is also biblical; the bible says “The laborer deserves his wages.” So respect the people who exert energy to help you and respect the energy of money to be respected and to get out of being broke into a successful network marketer. That’s the worst mindset trait of the poor and the broke.

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  1. Myrna Kunkel says:

    I’m not poor, I am just broke. This line has great impact to me. I want to get out to this mess that is why I join in to network marketing because I know it will help me lot (of course, with my help also) 🙂