It’s Your Fault They Say, “No”

Network Marketing Strategy - How to turn No into Yes in Network Marketing

As a network marketing business builder, you most probably have something that you really are passionate about. Think about what made you sign up with your company or makes you stick with it.

It could be the products, the culture of your company, a great comp plan – something you think is second to none.


We all need to feel that way regardless of how factual it is. Unfortunately, we think everyone will see what we see. We fall into “constipation of the brain” and/or “diarrhea of the mouth.” We spout off way too soon and way to much, rather than LISTEN.


This is a problem, but I’m offering you a quick solution in this audio from Coach Curt…

Which means, if you want to change your NO’s to YES’s, listen to this quick story. If you can grasp the moral, you will change your business dramatically.


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