Network Marketing Training with MLM legend Lisa Grossman

MLM legend Lisa Grossman for the most hilarious Network Marketing Training

This recording is of a Google Hangout we hosted with Network Marketer legend, Lisa Grossman, who is a multi million dollar earner in the industry. Lisa has built huge organisations and spoken on stages all around the world.

We were priveleged to be able to have her on a Hangout for our team and Lisa shared some gold nuggets in this network marketing training mainly about team building.



No fluff, no story telling, just pure value in this network marketing training, with so much fun. Lisa is simply incredible.

Find here her unbelievable, but true, story. Lisa turned a horrific situation, going to federal prison leaving behind her husband and children into a situation where she could impact hundreds and thousands of people around the world:


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  1. Henry B. says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you for the opportunity of network marketing training.

  2. Hannah Ferrer says:

    Wow! I like your video! I like what you said about education based marketing and Lisa about network marketing! You two are an experts! People should listen.

  3. Dwight says:

    I love watching your video. It is a great network marketing training for us.